Getting Started
Browsee lets you be a super-hero to your users.
When using Browsee:
    You can see how your users use your site, without sitting behind their back
    You know exactly which user faced an error, which user faced slowness and which user was frustrated, without them having to contact support
    You know which of your features are being actively used by your users and which are getting no love
In the old days, if people could do that, they would be called omnipresent, omniscient..
Today, we could settle for being called a super hero. So let's get started.

Install Snippet

Big things have small beginnings - Prometheus(2012)
Integrating Browsee is a just install a simple JS snippet to your page and there is no need for any events integration. Browsee automatically captures all pageviews and elements your users interact with.

Watch Sessions That Matter

You can segment sessions based on user attributes or events and watch only sessions which are useful to you. These segment can be saved as a "Circle" whose engagement you can follow over time. You can learn more about circles here.

Identify Your Users

You can add identification for your users using your database ID or email/name. You can also add tags or attributes like "Paid", Signed Up" along with the identification. You can learn more about identify call here.

Understand the Problems Your Users Face

You will get automated email/slack alerts on JS Errors and AJAX Errors and Slowness. You can also watch the sessions with errors in Browsee.
Last modified 2yr ago