Getting Started

Browsee lets you be a super-hero to your users.

Have you ever wondered why visitors leave without buying anything or why your trial users are not converting into paid ones? No need to wonder over this now. You will get the answers to all your questions with Browsee.

When using Browsee:

  • You can see how your users use your site - Flows that are smooth and flow where they are facing challenges

  • You know exactly which user faced an error or bug, which user faced slowness, and which user was frustrated, without them having to contact support

  • You know which of your features are being actively used by your users and which are getting no love

In the old days, if people could do that, they would be called omnipresent, omniscient.

Today, we could settle for being called a superhero. So let's get started.

Install Snippet

Big things have small beginnings - Prometheus(2012)

Integrating Browsee is very simple. You just need to install a simple JS snippet to your page and that's pretty much it. There is no need for any events integration. Browsee automatically captures all pageviews and elements your users interact with. See how you can install your JS snippet here.

Watch Sessions That Matter

We understand that you have hundreds or thousands or even millions of sessions on a daily basis which makes it impossible to watch all the sessions. You can search for the sessions that you want to watch on the basis of:

  1. Search Query - Came from "fb_campaign", landed on "/events", clicked on "Checkout" button but did not "make payment". If you know your query, we bet that you can search by it in Browsee. Read more about the session search here.

  2. AI-Tags on sentiments - Browsee automatically tags sessions on the basis of human behavior like confusion, rage, disappointment, etc. Read all about the AI-Tags here.

  3. Tags - Apart from our tags and search queries, you can send us events like "paid customer" or "Signed In user" and then you can search on the basis of those tags

You can segment sessions based on user attributes or events and watch only sessions which are useful to you. These segments can be saved as a "Segment" whose engagement you can follow over time and can also subscribe to them. You can learn more about segments here.

Understand Page Engagement

It is important for any product to engage its users. If you have sufficient engagement and usage, you will be able to convert them or sell something to them.

On one side, it is simple to gauge your conversions or number of visitors but when it comes to engagement, it becomes a little harder. You can know the time spent on your page but how do you know which sections are liked by the visitors or where they are paying utmost attention. Is there a section below the fold that is interesting, yet most of the visitors are leaving before they see it?

You can get all these answers visually just by looking at a heatmap of your page. You get visual maps of your pages like:

  1. Click Maps - See the click distribution on your pages to understand the most clicked elements. Also, helps in identifying dead and rage clicks.

  2. Scroll Maps - See up to what depth people are generally scrolling.

  3. Attention Maps - Analyze where people are spending most of their time.

  4. Behavioral Clusters - Browsee also gives you behavior clusters to know what people do before they leave or move to the next page.

You can read more about heatmaps here.


Visually analyze why people are not completing payments or checkouts. Sometimes, the reasons are not obvious and a data-driven visual analysis helps you in identifying any underlying cause which is stopping people from converting.

See the sessions of dropped users at each step of the funnel and understand if there is any fundamental reason behind non-conversions. Read more about funnels and how you can watch the dropped sessions here.

Identify Your Users

You can add identification for your users using your database ID or email/name. You can also add tags or attributes like "Paid", Signed Up" along with the identification. You can learn more about identify call here.

Understand the Problems Your Users Face

You will get automated email/slack alerts on JS Errors and AJAX Errors and Slowness. You can also watch the sessions with errors in Browsee.

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