Session Search

Browsee automatically captures all your user's sessions and indexes them for easy search

You can search session by

User Actions

  • Urls visited by users - Also works out of the box for SPA's like React, Angular, Vue.

  • Text user clicks

  • CSS Selectors of elements users click

  • HTML ID of elements clicked

  • name of form fields users edit

User Experience Issues

  • Errors - These are errors encountered by users in their sessions

    • Javascript Errors

    • Network Issues like slow ajax calls, 50x errors, etc.

    • Broken Links

  • Rage Clicks - These are signs of users frustration

Identify Call

  • User Id - Provided in identify call

  • Tags - Provided in identify call

  • name/email - Provided in identify call

  • Custom Attributes - Attributes other than name, email, tags provided in identify call

  • Identified - If a user was identified via an identify call

More about identify calls here.

Session Parameters

  • Session Duration

  • Referral - Domain from which the user landed

  • UTM Parameters - source, medium, campaign, term, content. Picked from the session's first URL.

Device Details

  • Operating System

  • Browser

  • Device - Mobile, Desktop, etc.

  • Country