Feedback Widget

It is important to get in-product feedback from users at the right time. You can easily do that with Browsee feedback forms.

You can create feedback forms in Browsee with input fields like:

  • Text Input

  • Text Area

  • Rating (smiley, numeric, star)

  • Radio input

  • Checkbox

  • Snapshot button

How to create a feedback form

Go to "Notifications" tab from the left nav. To add a new form, click on "Add Notification" button.

For creating feedback form, choose the type as "Feedback"

Choose Theme

Once you will click the feedback, you will get an option to choose among multiple themes. Choose from the various themes as shown below:

Once you will choose the theme, you can edit it as per your designs. You can change the color, logo, position and add questions of your choice.

How to target Feedback forms

The best way to show feedback forms is to make them a permanent sidehook or sticky, allowing users to add feedback whenever they want. This approach gives users the freedom to choose when they want to provide feedback, without feeling like it's a chore or something that needs to be done at a certain time. It will appear on your website as a button as shown below:

For making your feedback form sticky and appear as a sidehook, you need to choose the position from:

  • Right center

  • Left center

  • Bottom right

  • Bottom left

To make it appear as a permanent sidehook:

  • Go to the target tab

  • In "when to show" section, turn on the settings for "Side Hook" as shown below

  • Once you will turn on the Side Hook, you can also edit the look and feel of the hook like color, font, etc. as shown below:

URL and Advanced Targeting

Follow the documents on Where to show and Advanced Targeting to decide the URLs on which you want to show the feedback form and other settings.


Follow the document on Integration to choose to send your data to other CRMs via POST calls or in emails. If the option is not there, feel free to reach out to us at

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