Identify Call

Using the identify call you can assign

You can use the identify API call to identify your users.

_browsee('identify', '<user_id/email>')

The second parameter to this call can be any string. However, it's best to use database IDs or a hash which does not change when a user updates their information. If the identifying parameter is common along their journey, you can unify all the sessions of a user.

You can also send attributes to the identify call like

_browsee('identify', '<user_id/email>',
{name: 'Jon Snow',
location: 'Castle Black'})

name and email are special attributes. When you send name or email in an identify call, you can see them in the session panel on the right while replaying a session

All the attributes you send via identify call can be searched for while creating circles.

You can also assign tags to a session. Like

_browsee('identify', '<user_id/email>',
{'$tags': ["Logged In", "Cohort 78435"]})

Like attributes, tags can be searched for while creating circles and are visible on the session replay screen. More about creating circles here.