Subscribe to a Segment

You can subscribe to session alerts for a segment

Subscribe to Sessions

Session subscription keeps you up to date with the most interesting sessions that you want to watch.

For example, a segment could be

  • Users going to the cart page but not purchasing a product

  • Users coming to the landing page

  • Users doing an event "XYZ".

Whenever a session qualifies for that segment or query, we will intimate you via an email. You can also set daily limits for these alerts to avoid spam.

How do I subscribe to a session in Browsee?

It is really simple and can be done in a few clicks.

  • Go to Session Listing page

  • Search for the session based on your query. For example, I want to watch a session whenever someone comes to the login page so I will search for "Visited URL /#/" in my case:

  • You can also save a segment via Events or multiple queries like "Visited URL: /#/" and "Actions Count > 5".

  • Save the segment or circle by clicking on the "Save as Circle" or the green button. Learn more about Circles or Segments.

  • Go to Circle Listing page

  • Click on the bell icon to subscribe to a particular segment. It means we will send you an email whenever a session falls in this category

  • We will ask you for the daily limits pertinent to this subscription (we do not want to spam you 🙂).

  • Your session alert email would look like

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