Subscribe to a Segment
You can subscribe to session alerts for a segment
Subscribe to Sessions
Session subscription keeps you up to date with the most interesting sessions that you want to watch.
For example, a segment could be
    Users going to the cart page but not purchasing a product
    Users coming to the landing page
    Users doing an event "XYZ".
Whenever a session qualifies for that segment or query, we will intimate you via an email. You can also set daily limits for these alerts to avoid spam.

How do I subscribe to a session in Browsee?

It is really simple and can be done in a few clicks.
    Go to Session Listing page
    Search for the session based on your query. For example, I want to watch a session whenever someone comes to the login page so I will search for "Visited URL /#/" in my case:
    You can also save a segment via Events or multiple queries like "Visited URL: /#/" and "Actions Count > 5".
    Save the segment or circle by clicking on the "Save as Circle" or the green button. Learn more about Circles or Segments.
Name Your Circle and Save it
    Go to Circle Listing page
    Click on the bell icon to subscribe to a particular segment. It means we will send you an email whenever a session falls in this category
    We will ask you for the daily limits pertinent to this subscription (we do not want to spam you
Setup the Daily Alert Limit
    Your session alert email would look like
Session Seen Alert from Browsee in Email
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