Circles are your audience that you often like to explore. If you are setting some filters or searches repeatedly, you can consider saving them as Circles.

Adding a Filter

On your sessions list, you will see an 'Add Filter' button on the top left corner. You can click on this button to add filters as per your need.

Once you will click on the button, you will see multiple types of filters categorized based on:

  • User Attributes

  • Events and Time

  • Tags

  • Saved Searches

  • Recently Searched

Let us discuss these filters category in detail and what you can do with them.

User Attributes:

Here you can find all the filters related to users like User ID, Name, Email, Browser, Device, Referrals, UTM parameters, and Tags or Identifications given by your team.

Once you click on any of the filter options, you will get an option to give any input. For example, when you click on User Id, it will give you an option to add IDs and you can also add 'OR' for adding more user IDs for filtering. Once you will click on the 'Add' button, you will see a filtered list of sessions based on your inputs.

Events and Time:

Under this category, you will find all filters related to sessions like URL Visited, a number of Session Actions, Session Time, Clicked Element, and Edited Field.

Once you will click on these fields, you will get pre-defined filters or you can add your own.


Under this section, you will find many pre-defined Browsee's filters like Frustration Clicks, JS Errors, High Input Time, Network Errors, High Engagement, etc. These tags help you identify what issues users are facing or where they are loving your product. We are using AI to tag your sessions and tag them so you do not need to waste much time on small things.

You can read more details about these tags here.

You can add multiple filters from multiple categories by clicking on the 'Add Filter' button.

Saving a Circle

Once you have added all your search queries, you can also save them as a 'Circle' which is commonly known as a tag. Just click on the 'Save' button and give your Circle an identifiable name like 'Referred by Quora & time > 5 mins'.

You can also add their performance to your daily emails by checking the box 'Add to Daily Mail'.

Once saved, these circles will be visible in the "Circles" tab in your left nav. You can keep a check on the performance of these Circles or tags.

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