Funnel Analytics and Alerts

Funnel analytics gives you a better understanding and a comprehensive view of what makes your users drop from converting a goal. Apart from that, you can also analyze the dropped sessions at the individual level to give you clarity on what is not working. For example, if people clicked on the "Sign Up" button and did not end up signing up, it may mean there is either an error happening with sign up flow or the UI/UX of Sign Up page is not good enough for the user to sign up. It may have several other reasons, but it could become more clear once you see the sessions of dropped users.

Funnel Analytics

Once you have saved a funnel, it will automatically start populating data and you will be able to see the funnel numbers and dropped sessions even on back dates. With our funnel analytics, you will get:

  • Session Replays for dropped Sessions

  • Number of Users and Sessions for each step

  • % Conversion and Average Session Time for all sessions is a Funnel

You can also view the session replays for the dropped sessions by clicking on the Watch button.

Funnel Alerts

You can also add your funnel analytics to your daily summary email by clicking on the button "Add to Mail" on the Funnels listing page. Once you add a funnel to your daily email, we will add the number of sessions in each step of your funnel to your Daily Summary Email.

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