Heatmap Sessions

Recent Heatmap Sessions

Sometimes its helpful to view some of the recent sessions of a heatmap. Browsee provides you an easy way to do that right from the heatmap page.

You can click on the heatmap menu (3 dots in the header) and find Heatmap Sessions. This shows you a list of sessions where the user also went to page related to this heatmap.

Using Sessions As Background

In the related sessions list of a heatmap, you will find a link to overlay the heatmap on that session. This just means that all the data of the snapshot shall be rendered on a visualization of the page from that session. This can be useful if you have a popup or some hidden elements that you want to analyze. In this case, all the data of the heatmap remains the same, however, the background image is replaced by the rendered live page of the session.

Always Using Sessions As Background

To generate your heatmap's background, Browsee may use artificial rendering of that page. However, you may want to create heatmaps of pages which are behind login, or sometimes redirect to other pages. In such cases, Browsee will automatically use a session recording to generate a heatmap snapshot. However, using the toggle button in heatmap sessions widget, you can also force this choice.

This may be helpful when the artificially rendered snapshot is not particularly helpful or representative of the page elements you are looking for.

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