Generate Secret Key

Browsee allows you to import data via its APIs. For using our APIs, you need to generate a secret API key which you should never make public (more about Secret key security below).

How to generate a secret key?

  • Click on "Generate New Key" for getting an API Key

  • Once, you click on the button, you will get a key. Remember to store your key somewhere safe because as soon as you navigate from this page, you will not be able to retrieve or restore this generated token.

  • However, you can always generate a new one.

How to keep the secret key a secret?

It is important to understand that anyone who has access to this secret key will be able to access your account's data. Thus it's important to keep it a secret. Here are somethings you should never do with your secret key

  • Use it from the client side Javascript code. Client-side javascript code is public to anyone on your website and they can then reproduce the same code.

  • Check it in public repositories or any repository accessible to anyone whom you do not want to access Browsee's data.

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