Compare Heatmaps Across Date Ranges
Browsee continuously collects data on your heatmap pages. The continuos heatmaps allow ou can compare your click, scroll, and attention heatmaps vis-a-vis for any page changes.
Compare Heatmaps across Time Ranges

How to do a vis-a-vis comparison in heatmaps?

  • Go to your heatmap
  • Click on the button next to the date range at the top right corner
  • Click on the button "Compare Two TimeRanges" as shown
  • You will now see a modal where you can choose two different time ranges for which you wish to compare your click, scroll, and attention heatmaps
Choose your dates to compare
  • Click on the buttons to start choosing the date range and then click apply
Choose the dates and click Apply
  • Do the same for the second date range
  • Click on compare to vis-a-vis compare your heatmaps between two date ranges
Compare heatmaps across two time ranges
  • Change between scroll, attention, and click maps to exactly see the effect of nay page changes on user engagement.
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