Managing Recordings

We don't like to record sessions that no one wants to watch. Browsee gives you the flexibility to get the most out of your session recordings.

Prioritizing Recordings

If you just want to temporarily prioritize some pages within your quota, we allow you to give higher priority to some sessions as explained below. However, if you want a higher quota of recordings, we request you to upgrade your plan to suit your needs.

To prioritize some sessions, you can go to the recordings tab in your settings page and click on Recordings

Note: These tabs may not appear in your project, if your project is still inactive or not integrated on any website. Please integrate our snippet on any page to activate these settings.

Now, if you want to record all sessions on your Cart page, irrespective of whether the sampling has decided to not record the session. You can add a rule to record all sessions where URL equals /cart. Now when a user is browsing your site, as soon as he reaches the Cart page, Browsee will start recording the session.

You may use Javascript Regular Expressions to create the URL patterns to prioritize. These are similar to our URL matching for heatmaps. For examples and to learn more about URL regexes, refer here.

All prioritized recordings count towards your quota of recordings and prioritizing too many pages may mean you run over your daily/monthly quota of session recordings. To avoid this you may deprioritize sessions that may not be as interesting to you.

Similar to URL based prioritization, you can specify the paths of your landing pages that you want to deprioritize for recordings.

For example, say if a lot of your users land on the blog pages and you do not want to watch their sessions, you can simply add pages that contain blog to be deprioritized by Browsee and save unnecessary recordings.

Note: When you prioritize a rule, anytime a user reaches that page during a session, recording will start and session will be considered recorded. However, when you deprioritize only the landing pages will be evaluated for that rule.

This is because Browsee needs to decide as soon as the session starts if it should record or not record the session.

Ignore short Sessions

By default, Browsee does not store sessions that are less than 3 secs in length. In that way, you can keep the most useful session recordings in the same plan. However, if you want to analyze the recordings for a shorter duration as well, you can toggle the "Do not record small sessions" setting from the Recordings Tab <under Settings Page as shown below:

Do these overrides count towards my recorded sessions?

Yes, they do. Each time this override is used, you are effectively using up a session from your recordings quota. Setting up too many overrides may cause your quota to fill up and recordings to be halted until new quota frees up.

Similarly, deprioritizing sessions help you save this quota.

If I deprioritize a session but the user navigates to a prioritized page, will the session be recorded?

Yes, session recording will start whenever the user navigates to a prioritized page and the session will be considered recorded.

When I prioritize recordings, I see a blank page with just mouse movements and the page content only shows when the recording reaches the prioritized page ?

Yes, when you prioritize a URL, Browsee keeps track of the session's activity and starts recording the session as soon as the user reaches that session even if the current session was not originally being recorded.

So upto the point the user reaches the desired URL, all you see is basic session information like the Page URL, mouse activity etc.

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