Identify HTTP API

You can use Browsee's HTTP Identify API to send useful information about a user from other platforms like your mobile app or application server.
This API can be used in tandem with Track HTTP API, to send extra information about a user like its tags, location etc.
Similar, to the Track API, you will need your project API key. This key is available on your Project's settings page. To learn more about how to get this KEY see.

Identify API


Using the identify API

You can send any information in the traits object like
name: 'Jon Snow',
location: 'Castle Black'
  • Some keys like name, email, phone and $tags are special keys. When you send them in an identify call, you can see them on the right hand side of a session panel and search for the session using these keys from session search.
Easily search for sessions with name, email and tags
  • $tags.can be used to assign free from text labels to sessions. These can then be searched back in session search.
{'$tags': ["Logged In", "Cohort 78435"]}