Session Replays - Save, Share, and Delete

With Browsee, you can easily watch session recording for users on your website. Also, if you happen to like, dislike, save or share a recording you can easily do that with just a button click.

Save a Session

If you wish to see a recording later, you can click on the "Star button". You can also add a note while saving your favorite sessions.

You can check the saved sessions later from the dashboard by clicking on the "favorite sessions" button in the session listing page as shown below:

Share a Session

You can also share any interesting session with all your team members on Browsee or you can create a link that you can share with anyone to watch.

  • Click on the Share Button

  • Choose if you wish to share with Project members or you wish to create a public URL that you can send to outside members.

  • To share with the team members, just attach a note and click on send and we will send it to all your project members.

  • To share externally, you can either copy the link and send them as you like or you can write comma-separated email ids and click on the send button.

Delete a Session

If you do not wish to store any session further on browsee, you can just click on the delete button and that session will be permanently deleted from our systems. Please be careful while choosing this option as once deleted, the session can not be restored from our systems.

Just click on the delete button to start deleting a session as shown below:

You need to confirm once to permanently delete the session. Once deleted it can not be restored at any cost.

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