When to Show

Showing your user a popup as soon as someone enters the website could be daunting for them. Browsee allows you to target these popups or widgets based on user behavior in a session.

Show on Exit Intent

Show the form/popup when someone is about to exit the website. This will come up whenever a user will show the intent of leaving the website by moving too close to the cross button of a tab/window. You can just toggle the switch to turn on the exit targeting.

Show After Time (secs)

You can also choose to show the form/popup after a user has spent a considerable on the website. Particularly good if you are asking for feedback as users should engage a bit with the product before you ask them to fill a feedback form. You can choose any time (in secs) after which the form/popup will appear. You can just type in the time in secs or move the slider to change the time.

Show After Scroll (%)

You can choose to show your form/popup when a user has already scrolled through a certain percentage of the page. Particularly good when you trying to collect email IDs on your blogs or any long-form content. You can just type in the percentage (0-100) or move the slider to change the scroll %.

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