Setting Up SSO Login

Browsee allows you to setup SSO in your account so you can manage your own and your team's access to information via a single source of truth.

SSO Login

Browsee supports SSO Login using SAML authentication. You can setup SSO login in your account from the Settings Tab.

Browsee implements a full email domain based SSO setup where once configured, all users (existing as well incoming) with that email domain shall be moved under SSO login.

Create an Application with your Identity Provider

To link Browsee (your Service Provider) to your IdP (Identity Provider), you will need to set up a SAML application with your IdP.

We take the example of Okta to illustrate the process but it can work with any SAML 2.0 auth provider.

You need to be an admin users in your Okta organization to be able to create and app and perform the following steps.

  1. Once logged in to your IdP. Go to "Applications" and Select "Create App Integration"

2. Choose SAML 2.0 as the protocol

3. Set the App Name to Browsee. You can either download the Browsee logo from the URL ( and upload it on Okta or you may leave the Logo empty as it is optional.

4. In the next step, set the SSO URL as

and your SP Entity Id as:

and Name ID format as EmailAddress

5. Finish the App Configuration.

6. Get the Metadata XML from your Application

Click on the newly created App and go to "Sign On" Tab.

You can then go to "View Setup Instructions" and from the bottom of the page copy the XML provided for the app in IDP Metadata for the next step.

Alternatively, you could click on the "Identify Provider Metadata" on the application screen to go to the XML page.

You may copy the XML on this page for the next step.

Configure Application Metadata within Browsee

  1. Go to Browsee's settings to link this application

Only account admins may proceed with this configuration. You will only see this configuration once your account is already actively sending data.

2. Click on Add Configuration

3. Paste the XML provided from the above step from your Identity Provider in the XML metadata box.

Your provider details should be automatically configured if the XML is configured correctly.

That's it. With this step, your account will be moved under SSO and all existing users as well as new incoming users with your email domain will be moved under SSO Login. Your setup should look like something as shown below:

If at some point you want to remove this configuration, simply toggle the live button and all the accounts will be able to use email based login.

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