Recording and Sampling

How Browsee decides which sessions to record

Does Browsee record all the sessions on my site?

No, depending on the pricing plan that you have chosen, Browsee automatically sets a random sampling rate at which to record your sessions.

This means when a session starts, Browsee randomly decides whether or not record that session and if the prediction suggests that it should record, it starts recording the session.

Let's take an example,

Let's say you have chosen a plan which gives you 10,000 sessions a month. However, your monthly traffic is about 20,000 sessions.

If Browsee did not use random sampling of sessions, your site would run out of 10K sessions approximately halfway during the month. However, Browsee allows you to continuously record around 50% of the sessions everyday, so that you never run out of your quota.

Do all plans allow random sampling ?

Our free trial plan entails you all the benefits of our Pro plan including random sampling. However, continous recording and random sampling of sessions is only applicable to paid plans.

In our free plan, we record all your sessions upto the free limit and halt recordings thereafter until new quota is released at the start of a new month. You can reactivate recordings by either choosing a paid plan or at the start of a new month.

This is done to ensure fair usage and prioritizing our infrastructure to those actively using our recordings.

Have does Browsee decide which sessions to record?

So in the above example Browsee decided to set the random sampling rate at 50%. How did it decide that it should be 50% and not 25% or 75%.

Browsee uses a predictive model which predicts how much traffic you are likely to get on a day. This takes the previous day's traffic, day of week from the past to predict this rate. This is why you it auto adjusts itself depending on the rise and fall of your seasonal traffic.

Can I modify this sampling rate ?

We do not yet allow modifications to this sampling rate. However, we do allow you to give higher priority to some sessions.

To prioritize some sessions, you can go to the recordings tab in your settings page and click on "Add Rules"

Note: These tabs may not appear in your project, if you project is still inactive or not integrated on any website. Please integrate our snippet on any page to activate these settings.

Recordings Tab

Now, let's say you want to record all sessions on your Homepage, irrespective of whether the sampling rate has decided to not record the session. You can add a rule to record all sessions where URL equals /.

Record all sessions if the visitor reaches home page (/)

Do these overrides count towards my recorded sessions ?

Yes, they do. Each time you use this override, you are effectlvely using up a session from your recordings quota. Setting up too many overrides may cause your quota to fill up and recordings to be halted until new quota frees up.


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