Creating Funnels

What is a Funnel?

Funnel is a set of steps that a user on your website is supposed to complete before a goal completion. To better understand a funnel, let us take an example of users who came to blog pages and signed up. We need to understand the drop at every step and also we need to analyze the sessions of users who are dropping from step 1 to step 2 and so on. The steps of our "Blog to Signup" can be:

  1. Users who came on Blog Pages

  2. Users clicking on Signup Button

  3. Users landing on Dashboard

Creating Funnel

  • Go to Funnel from left panel

  • Click on "Add Funnel" Button as shown below

  • Once you are on add funnel page, you can add the steps of your funnel one by one in ascending order. Let us take the previous funnel example as users who signed up from blog pages. The funnel can be created as shown:

    • Add Step 1 as "Visited URL" contains "/blog"

    • Add Step 2 as "Clicked Text" equals "Sign Up"

    • Add Step 3 as "Visited URL" equals "/#/dashboard"

Once you have added the required steps, you can click on the Save button and it will start showing in "Funnels List".

  • You can edit the steps name as well as Funnel name by clicking on the text as shown below