GDPR Compliance

Is Browsee GDPR compliant?

We have developed the complete functionality around GDPR compliance. We want to make sure that our users feel full control over their data and they can decide what do they want to keep. You can reach us at anytime for any concerns as well.

My customer base is in the EU as well. Can I use Browsee?

Yes, you can definitely use Browsee. GDPR enforces companies to tell their users what kind of data they are storing and why. You can ask for any user information from Browsee at any time and we will send all the data to you that has been stored on Browsee servers. The user can choose to delete or update the data. Browsee gives you full control over your data and you can choose to access it at any time T. Just drop us a mail at

Where is my data stored?

All our data is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers in the US and India. AWS's data centers are renowned and are used across the globe. If your customer base is located in the EU, you will need to sign a DPA (Data Processing Agreement) with Browsee which will allow us to transfer the data to US datacenters.

Yes, please follow the article here to include Browsee in your privacy policy.

Can I delete Browsee data for a specific user or a set of users?

Yes, absolutely. You can mail us at and we will delete any user data straightaway!

What will happen to my data once I cancel the account?

Your data will be deleted as per the storage of your plan. So, for example, anyone with Plus plan, their data will be deleted in 30 days! Also, you can ask for immediate removal of your data by emailing us at

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