Dynamic Heatmaps

Wouldn't it be great if you can see heatmaps of your pages in just a click without even creating them?

For any business that creates content pages or landing pages often, just watch the approximate heatmap for any page on retrospective or back data. No need to manually add a URL to heatmaps for every new page or URL.

Browsee has now added dynamic heatmaps for all those businesses that frequently add new pages to their website and want to analyze them. You do not need to create a new heatmap for a new URL. You can just filter a session with your new URL and click on the heatmap button to show an approximate Click and Scroll map for that page as described below:

  • Go to the Sessions listing screen

  • Search by a URL for which you want to see the heatmap

  • Once the sessions are filtered, click on the session to open it

  • Once the session is loaded, you can go to the desirable URL by clicking on the time stamp from the right-side panel

  • Once your desired URL comes in the session recording screen, click on the heatmap button from the top right button group and it will take you to the heatmap of that particular URL


  • These heatmaps would be a close approximation to the detailed heatmaps. This means that in the case of click maps, it would map the clicks in the center of every element. Now, if any element is too big, it would not accurately tell all the click positions, it will show once cumulative click in the middle.

  • Attention heatmaps are not available currently for dynamic heatmaps

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