FAQ - Browsee Installation

Everything you need to know about integrating Browsee.

Does Browsee impact performance?

Our data collection is entirely asynchronous so it does not impact page load or user perception.

Since we create session recordings by just using the page description and changes to it, there is no image/video transfer involved. Hence, the data transfer is minimal and does not impact user's experience.

Also see placement of Browsee Script.

What about user's privacy?

We don't collect any user personal input fields like passwords, emails, phone numbers. So you don't need to worry about any impact on your privacy policy.

How is Browsee different from Google Analytics or Mixpanel?

While Browsee's goal is to better understand user behavior and not in-depth analytics. Traditional tracking requires setting up events for all UI elements, Browsee does not need any such setup, just focus on your product launch and let Browsee track it automatically.

Does it work with React/Angular/Vue?

Yes, out of the box. You will find all your page URLs and elements in the session search by just integrating a pixel.

Sounds Interesting. What do I need to do?

Sign Up and place our JS snippet on your pages. Read more about integration here.

Where should I put Browsee's JS code?

If you are installing JS code directly on your HTML web pages, make sure that the code is at the bottom of the <body> tag. You should not include any 3rd party JS code in the <header> section or at the top of the <body> as it may make your website slower to load.

Our shopify/wordpress/npm plugins already ensure this.

Is there any easier way to install Browsee?

Yes, you can install Browsee via Google Tag Manager or we also offer a Wordpress plugin and a Shopify App that can directly be installed on your Shopify store. All these installation methods are very easy and you can do it within a few clicks.

Can I integrate Browsee using Google Tag Manager or GTM?

Yes, it is very easy to install Browsee if you are using GTM on your website. You can follow these steps to integrate Browsee via GTM.

Do you have a Shopify App?

Yes, Browsee has a Shopify App as well which you can directly install from your Shopify Admin. This will automatically integrate Browsee with your Shopify Webstore. You can also watch session recordings, analytics, funnels, segments directly from our embedded app in the Shopify Admin.

Do you have a Wordpress plugin?

Yes, you can checkout this page to know how to install our Wordpress plugin.

If you do not get an answer for your query, you can ping us on chat or you can email us at support@heroteck.com.

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