You can use Browsee's HTTP Track API to send custom events from other platforms like your mobile app or application server.
While Browsee's web SDK automatically most events like page views, clicks users can use Browsee's logEvent call to send custom events. In addition, you may want to send custom User Data from your non-web applications like a mobile app, servers, etc. so you can unify a complete picture of a user across all platforms. Sending such data
  • Allows you to create segments on these custom events
  • Creating or generating reports for non-web users.


To use the below API you will need your project API key. This key is available on your Project's settings page.
Copy your API Key from Settings > Install > I use Google Tag Manager

Track API


Using the track event API

  • This api is rate limited and should not be used to dump historical data.
  • userId should be the same as you provide via Identify call, whether used via Identify Call or Identify HTTP API.
  • When a user is anonymous, you can send any token as anonymousId. This anonymousId helps us tie a series of events into a session. If you are using other tracking tools, you can also get their unique identifier and send that as a unique identifier as theanonymousId.
  • timestamp is a standard ISO-8601 time formatted string.