User Attributes

Browsee gives you an exhaustive search on your session data. Anything that you can imagine is searchable within Browsee.

Search by "User ID"

You can search your sessions with:

  1. User ID that is given by Browsee - Browsee gives each of your users a 16-digit user ID, which you can use to search all the other sessions for that user. This means if the user is using the same machine and the same Browser, we will identify all these sessions with a 16-digit user ID. However, if the same user is coming from a different device or browser, we will not be able to recognize them.

  2. User ID sent by you using an Identify Call - You can also identify your users with any Personal Identifiable Information (PID) like name, email, phone, or database ID, and then you can look for that PID to watch all the session recordings of that particular user. Read here on how to send identify calls to Browsee.

Search by "Tags"

You can send tags to Browsee like "Paid", "In Trial", "Signed Up", "Logged In", etc. and then you can search your session recordings by these tags. Read here about how can you send tags to Browsee.

Search by "Referred By"

You can filter your session recordings by referrals in order to understand why some of the referrals are not performing well.

Search by "Browser"

Sometimes, people see a higher bounce on a particular browser and it is hard to figure out a reason. You can filter your session recordings by any browser and watch a few sessions in order to get some insights.

Search by "City" or "Country"

If you have users across geographies, it is important to understand the behavior of people from different places in order to better understand their problems. You can also filter your sessions in Browsee by city or country.

Search by "Screen Width & Height or screen resolution"

Facing higher drop from certain screen resolution? Don't wonder anymore. To get more insights, you can filter the session recordings by that particular resolution.

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