How to use Browsee on Shopify Store?

If you have not installed Browsee yet, kinldy follow the steps here to install Shopify. If you have already installed Browsee on your Shopify store, you can follow the following steps to understand how to use Browsee for your store:

  • Login to Shopify admin. The URL will be something like

  • Once you have logged into the store, click on the "Apps" from the left nav as shown below:

  • Once you will click on the apps, your installed apps will come in a Modal/Popover box. You can click on Browsee to take you to the app

  • Once you will click on the app, it will do the authentication and will show you a screen like below:

  • Once, the authentication will be completed, it will take redirect you to the main Browsee dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Browsee not recording my checkout pages ?

Currently, Shopify does not allow external javascript to be added on the checkout pages. Therefore our snippet is not automatically integrated on your checkout pages. However, if you are on Shopify Plus plans you can use checkout.liquid to add our snippet directly to these pages.

To do this, please get your account snippet from your Account's Settings Page and include it in the checkout.liquid template just above the closing tag.

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